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Anodising is used to produce protective and decorative oxide layers on aluminium, improving corrosion protection and wear resistance. Different colours are created by dyeing or electrolytic colouring.


  • Long life time and environmentally beneficial
  • Tolerance accuracy

Application & materials

  • Typical applications for surface treatment on aluminium, filter houses for oil filters for heavy trucks, frames and supports for video conferencing equipment.
  • Shells and sabot for ammunition, valves for electrical connectors, houses for flow-control-valves, frames and lids for medical surveying equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic blocks for excavation vehicles, houses for pneumatic machine tools, manifolds for heavy truck engines, blood pumps for surgery equipment, frames and rings for optical parts for cameras, milling heads for machining aluminium, gear houses for movement in machines mandrels for packaging machinery for fluid solutions, rollers and more for printing machines, tubes and lids for oil exploration systems, etc.

Process details

Hard surface to prevent wear. Corrosion protection, wear resistance, low friction, electrically di-electric property and decorative needs.