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Isostatic pressing services

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) improves mechanical properties of castings by the elimination of internal microporosity. The combination of elevated pressure and temperature and time duration allows the material to flow in the solid state and to bond on an atomic level. The same principle is used to create fully dense material from metal, ceramic, composite and/or polymer powders. The HIP manufacturing route provides superior material properties to those achieved by alternative powder metallurgy (PM) fabrication methods and eliminates directionality of properties caused by other non-PM manufacturing processes.

Cold isostatic pressing, or CIP, forms what are known as green (mechanically compacted) parts from metal, ceramic, composite and/or polymer powders without the need for any binders which require removal at a later processing step. Pressure is applied equally in all directions, achieving superior properties to uniaxial pressing and eliminating the possibility of die wall lubricant contamination. CIP allows powders with low packing factors to achieve high enough density for encapsulation and HIP.

Bodycote operates a global HIP Group with the largest equipment capacity in the world and is able to accommodate large volumes of small product as economically as large individual components.

Learn more by clicking here to view our 'HIP for Aerospace' presentation.

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