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Press quenching

Benefits Application & materials Process details

The controlled hardening in restraining dies, of close tolerance components, such as gears, bearing races etc. Ensures good dimensional control and uniform hardening.


  • Favored for large round or flat components;
  • Elimination of distortion, and thereby reduction of post heat treatment machining; and
  • An important cost saving factor.

Application & materials

Typical applications include large circular or flat parts i.e. gears, bearing races (in particular big sizes i.e. for wind power generation or heavy construction equipment), clutches, saw blades, slitting knives etc.

Most steels which can be hardened or case-hardened.

Process details

The objective of press quenching is to hold the round and/or flat heated parts while they are being quenched. During quenching process, the components are held under a controlled force of a quench die of the press. The clamps holding the part are slotted so that quenching oil can flow through each slot and cool the part. The ribs of the clamps can hold the part in place. A set of quenching dies reduce or eliminate the distortions in size, roundness, taper and flatness.

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