Our strategy

Bodycote’s objective is to create superior shareholder returns through the provision of selected thermal processing services, on a global basis, that are highly valued by our customers.

Our strategy is based on the following fundamental tenets:

  • Serving the aerospace, defence and energy markets, with a focused network of globally coordinated facilities, attuned to these customers’ specific needs and requirements.
  • Serving the automotive and chosen general industrial markets through a regionally organised business, catering for these customers’ specific local needs and proximity requirements.
  • Achieving the highest levels of customer service in terms of quality, delivery, reliability and technical problem solving.
  • Capitalising on our proprietary technologies to provide our customers with the ability to create innovative, differentiated products.
  • Migrating technology, over time, from the developed markets to our target emerging markets with an emphasis on eastern Europe, Brazil and China.

Bodycote aims to achieve this in a safe working environment and with minimal environmental impact.