Our marketplace

As the only truly global provider of subcontract thermal processing services, Bodycote is able to offer a significant advantage to its customers. Through an international network of plants, Bodycote can effectively utilise a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialist expertise to deliver quality service when and where it is needed.

The network operates from over 190 locations, with customers able to benefit from Bodycote’s comprehensive range of services from multiple locations. Customers know that if their business expands, Bodycote will have the capability to meet their needs. They know that if they were to broaden their manufacturing footprint, Bodycote would be able to assist them. They know that they can obtain the same process to the same quality standards from multiple locations.

Such a large network brings economies of scale, with technology developed at one location being available globally if the market requires it.

The Bodycote network has a wealth of technical accreditations, some industry or customer specific, others more general. Individual operations concentrate on the accreditations suited to their market.

Although Bodycote is headquartered in the UK, 89% of the group’s business is outside the UK. With facilities in 26 countries, Bodycote is truly global.