The strength of the group primarily rests in its people and one of the key challenges for management is to ensure availability of appropriately qualified people to support its continued growth.

Bodycote is fortunate to have a competent and committed international team that is well respected in technical and business circles. Most acquisitions are based on historical relationships with Bodycote personnel which is a testament to the integrity of the group’s people. The board has established a remuneration policy which rewards performance while offering competitive base packages. In line with the policy of continuous improvement, the group has added further resources in this area to assess management performance and to improve the succession pipeline for future business leadership.

Bodycote’s employment policies are non-discriminatory, complying with all current legislation to engender equal opportunity irrespective of race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation or nationality. Harassment is not tolerated.

Bodycote is committed to providing a safe environment for anyone who works at, or visits, our locations and works tirelessly to reduce workplace accidents.