Bodycote is committed to providing a safe environment for anyone who works at, or visits, our locations and appropriate safety and health policies and procedures are in force across the group.

The group’s work environment has various risks. Bodycote strives to minimise these by providing specific systems, equipment, and training and supervision appropriate to the different working environments. Risk is evaluated by internal and external resources so that it is continuously managed and mitigated.

The group employs health and safety professionals around the world to work with line management in continuously improving safety

In 2004 the group commenced reporting its performance internally in terms of lost time, frequency and severity of accidents in a uniform manner. As a result, each facility is now able to benchmark its safety and health performance and formulate strategies for improvements. Bodycote is committed to the highest practicable standards of safety and health management.

Bonus payments to directors and senior executives are, in part, dependent on achievement of these targets, which are now key performance indicators.