Our approach

Management recognise that sustainability must be a key element of the business strategy to deliver future growth. A responsible approach to the environment is important to ensure that Bodycote has a sustainable long-term future. Already over 75% of Bodycote’s facilities have met the ISO 14001 standard which helps minimise the risk of adverse environmental effects and the aim is to achieve 100% accreditation in all plants during the coming years.

Health and safety statistics are monitored and are subject to review at each board and executive meeting. As a business, Bodycote is committed to providing its employees with a safe working environment while supporting and enhancing their health and wellbeing.

Bodycote is committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities, ensuring that these meet relevant laws and regulations, that they are acceptable to the community at large and that their environmental impact is reduced to a minimum. The company recognises that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment are closely linked.